[Diy_efi] MoDiTeC and motorcycles

Adam Wade espresso_doppio at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 5 00:25:40 GMT 2004

Since there is almost no extant info on BMW motorcycle
ECUs, their modes of operation, and the MoDiTeC
protocol (at least that I can find), I'm interested in
knowing what is out there.

Any info on or companies who are working on hacking
the MoDiTeC protocol would be very welcome, most
especially knowing whether all the BMW-branded ECUs
use a common protocol and interface, or of the MoDiTeC
box runs through a varioety of handshaking routines
until hitting the one for the particular box to which
it is connected.

Info on which machines have which ECUs, and
differences in capabilities and architecture between

And lastly, which bikes have which sensors, and what
operating modes they have (and how they switch between
modes).  Very curious to see if any BMW bikes use MAF

Any leads are appreciated.  :)

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