[Diy_efi] Re: looking for help with a prom N82S181

Ludis Langens ludis at cruzers.com
Fri Nov 12 06:42:44 GMT 2004

Steve Ravet wrote:
> > Pin 19 (a10 on the 2716) which I was saying was noise - isn't
> > is it?   Now
> > from what Steve was saying, and please correct me if I am
> > wrong, is that only half of the signal is usable?  When at
> > Vcc ok, but when at Gnd I am going to have a problem when
> > hooked to a 2716 eprom.  So only half of the time this signal
> > would be usable.  Is that what was being said?  So this
> > signal is of no use to me with the 2716.  Instead wire it to
> > Vcc, or Gnd depending on which bank I want all my reading to
> > be done from.
> Looks like a clock to me, but I don't know why a clock would be connected to a chip enable.

It might be the E clock.  It is common in 68xx and 65xx designs to
include this in the chip select logic.  This insures that the device is
only driving the bus when the address is stable.  For a read only
memory, this shouldn't matter much.

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