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Ludis Langens ludis at cruzers.com
Fri Nov 26 20:56:26 GMT 2004

> RogeranCarol wrote:
> What I didn't mention before is
> that since I'm planning on converting to multi port injection, I
> didn't want to install or buy a TBI pump, soooo, I jury rigged my
> current high pressure fuel pump (original engine was a 4.0L Jeep with
> sequential multi port injection) to run at 15psi with the TBI
> disconnected by running a metal return line from the filter output to
> the original fuel return line, then smashing the tube until I got
> 15psi.

You can use the same pump as long as you include the correct fuel
pressure regulator.

Ford used the "same" pump on a (low pressure) TBI V8 as they did on
(high pressure) port injected V8's.  With the output blocked, this pump
reaches 100 psi or so.

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