[Diy_efi] Water Injection Dyno Results are in

Daniel Nicoson A6intruder at adelphia.net
Mon Nov 29 03:59:35 GMT 2004

Ok, I spent all day getting the data together and writing a short report
about the results of 21 dyno pulls.  My wife thinks I've completely lost it

I have posted all the data files, my notes and my report on www.myo-p.com

I am not a web site designer so yeh, it sucks as web sites go.  We'll find a
solution to "easy on the eye" later.

Bottom line was about 235 RWHP with or without WI.  The very best run was
241 RWHP.

I couldn't believe how much spark advance we ran with 89 octane fuel!

With AFR=13.0 (all gas) we were running 36 degrees total advance.

With AFR=14.5 and WI we pulled 40 degrees total advance.

Anyway, go pull the files down and read away.  It would have been nice to
have boost to see the real effect of WI.  I guess that will be next! (maybe
after the nitro methane tests...)

Give me your feedback.



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