[Diy_efi] EEPROMs

Bill USN-1 scoutii76
Tue Apr 18 20:30:21 UTC 2006

Here's a link to the thread. Straight from Craig Moates!!



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Thanks Bill
I'm having a bit of trouble finding that on the Thirdgen website.
But as long as I just need to take those 4 pins (1,2,27,28) and tie
them to 26 I'll be alright.

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Thirdgen.org should have the info.
IIRC you tie pins 1,2,27,28 to pin 26.
You should be able to use a standard 28 pin socket.


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Anyone know where I can find information on swapping the 24 pin chips for 28
pin flash chips?  What 4 pins don't get connected?  Thanks for any help you
can provide.
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