[Diy_efi] SB 400 TBI

Bret Levandowski skishop69
Fri Apr 28 04:01:09 UTC 2006

As a matter of fact, yes. My motor is slightly built but works great. I used the injectors from the police model 5.7l Caprice. The flow rating was just right. I'm also running 18psi on the injectors instead of 12. I'll need to know what mods if any you will be making to the motor. I'm still tweeking the cold start though. Had a problem with my laptop and lost my stock 5.7l and 7.4l bins. Speaking of that, if anyone has either bin and would like to share it woul be much appreciated. Let me know your plans and if needs be, I can tweek the bin before sending it.  Ski

flozano at twistedandes.com wrote:  Hello

I have an Small Block 400 from a Chevy Caprice 74, and I want to install a TBI
anyone made same convertion? wich injectors? 5.7 or 7.4?
I have a 747 ECU, anyone have a custom .bin forthis engine?


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