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Mike niche
Thu Aug 3 12:35:23 UTC 2006

At 12:52 PM 8/3/06, you wrote:
>Huge lots of surplus chips, eproms, etc.   13 seperate listings.  cheap. From a mfgr cleaning out a warehouse.

Interesting thanks, might be able to use some cpus for small project and
am already familiar with the type and programming model :o)

Anyone able to identify the USA versions of the cars that use the
plastic fuse rail setup in the engine bay, as used in Australia, the
GMC part numbers are on my web site below, I'm just looking to
list my product on USA ebay as well as Aust ebay etc ?

Regards from

Perth, Western Australia
GMC/VL Commodore Fuse Rail that wont warp or melt !
Twin tyres for most sedans, trikes and motorcycle sidecars

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