[Diy_efi] "New Age EFI 2001 Electronic Fuel Injection Service Unit ?

Mike niche
Wed Aug 16 15:59:30 UTC 2006

Hi chaps,

Just got back from Esperance, averaged 95Km/Hr at 9.5L/100Kms
over a distance there of 750Kms and back via Hyden (Wave Rock) of
some 790Kms with an RB30ET (3L Nissan motor with turbo set to
max boost of 10psi on ULP). Have tweaked the AFM (made it  leaner)
and tried out my RB30 ignition driver which gives more coil volts and
have been running on iridium plugs (have to check they havent melted
like 3 out of a set of splitfires some years ago <guh> )...

My 3rd proto ignition coil driver is just so much better than the factory unit (if I
do say so myself), seems a lot smoother, starts easier when cold etc. I'll post
a pic of the veroboard proto which also survived 90Kms of rather bumpy unsealed
roads with spray, dust crao etc as well as driving rain and headwinds on the way
to Esperance yesterday the 15th Aug 2006. 

Anyone on this list have a Skyline or VL with the RB30 motor and
prepared to try one - ie Arms length test to avoid my placebo effect ;-)  ??
(ie When I get some pre-production or pilot underway etc)

Anyway, I picked up a new toy, as per subject, and wonder if anyone
has used one, seems pretty elaborate with digital display for timing
injector testing, flow, period, rpms etc comes with all sorts of fittings
and graduated tubes, has been in use for a few years until a week
before I got it, dont know if its Australian or from US.  Strangely the
service manual doesnt have any contact info at all, so I am guessing
its made in US and the service manual has been substituted to obfuscate
source, so might be a dealer in Australia and curious what is worth ?

Also you performance nuts, do you get your injectors matched and
flow tested, if so what do you get charged and how detailled is the report ?

Regards from

Mike Massen
Network Power Systems
Lab 08 9444 8961
Mb 0438 048961
Perth, Western Australia
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