[Diy_efi] Is E85 worth it?

C. J. Frederick cfrederick
Fri Aug 25 04:23:51 UTC 2006

I often wondered what happens when you have, lets say an 1/8 tank of one or
the other fuel and have to fill up with the opposite fuel.  Can the ECM
seamlessly adjust for a mix (E85 and gas) in the tank?


>E85 has about 70% of the energy content of gasoline. So, e85 needs to cost
>70% of the price of gasoline to break even. The last number I saw was
>something like 450 stations in the US had E85. With most E85 being supplied
>by local refiners, prices and availabilty will vary. The NEVC website has
>some good info, but they play down the disparity in energy and economy:
>There is also some "value" associated with the reduced pollution when
>running E85, but that doesn't accrue monetary benefits in your wallet.
>Remember that you can still run old-fashioned gasoline in a FFV until E85
>becomes more widespread and cost effective.

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