[Diy_efi] Is E85 worth it?

Gary gas-
Fri Aug 25 16:11:54 UTC 2006

Steve, I can summarize your my post with your last comment.

> E85 is about corporate welfare, and farming welfare queens.

The farmer as  you and I recognize, is not the beneficiary here.
We need to look no further than the mega $$$ spent by lobbyists 
on behalf of corporate (Midland ?) corn producers, to coherse
the legislation these producers desire. A lot of foolish/irresponsible
people posing as congressmen.


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> To figure the true cost of this scam at the pump, you need to 
> include the tax $$$ that subsidize the production of ethanol 
> (or E85). IOW, at the present, this is not a very cost 
> effective alternate fuel. 

Farming is petroleum intensive work, with diesel fuel for equipment,
petroleum based fertilizers and pesticides.  Then add the fact that
ethanol can't go in a pipeline and has to be hauled everywhere by truck.
If you have to burn a gallon of diesel to make and transport a gallon of
ethanol then it's not very "hydrocarbon effective" either.  E85 is about
corporate welfare, and farming welfare queens.

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