[Diy_efi] Reality check - no efi content - long winded

Bill - Comcast b.shaw
Wed Aug 30 01:03:51 UTC 2006

6 new exhaust valves later the heads are ready to put back on.  Anyone 
know if the head bolts are reusable or torque-to-yield?  Also,  anyone 
know the torque specs for the head bolts, rockers & intake?



Bill - Comcast wrote:
> Hi Leo,
> L&A in Glenville, NY did the work.  They're just north of Schenectady. 
> Air in the spark plug hole showed bad exhaust valve,  air leaking out 
> the tail pipe.  "L" of L&A fame says it's a chunk of carbon holding 
> the valve open,  swears the valves are OK because they did a 
> compression test.
> Bill
> Leo Schneggenburger wrote:
>> Hi Bill,
>> I am not sure but I think this is an interference engine. It sure 
>> sounds like a bad valve at the least. Head gaskets are also a common 
>> issue on these engines and the fact that you are low on the adjacent 
>> cylinder makes me wonder about that too. Can you put air into the 
>> cylinder as a test? It should of course seal which it won't. Then see 
>> if air is coming out the intake manifold or the exhaust or look for 
>> bubbles in the radiator. You will know what to do after that. BTW, I 
>> am in "Upstate, NY" but I know that in NYC, /*anything */above the 
>> city is considered upstate and since you are from the tri-state area 
>> you probably think the same way, so where and who worked on your car 
>> if you don't mind answering? Privately if you wish.
>> Leo
>> Bill - Comcast wrote:
>>> Sorry for the off topic post but I know there's a lot of mechanical 
>>> knowledge here and thought I'd solicit some opinions on this situation.
>>> We just returned from the vacation-from-hell.  Amy's wagon ate the 
>>> timing chain in upstate NY.  We got towed into a garage where they 
>>> quoted 4-5 hours labor,  $450 to $500 to fix it.  They stumbled and 
>>> bumbled around with it for 3 days (each time I asked they were 
>>> almost done,  only a couple more hours) while we waited and finally 
>>> at about 5:30 on the third day they started it,  but it ran like 
>>> garbage and was leaking antifreeze from around the water pump and 
>>> had a major oil leak from the valve cover.  They fiddled with the 
>>> plug wires for 2 more hours before they finally gave up and pushed 
>>> it out of the bay and into the yard.  They went home to supper and 
>>> left me, Amy,  and the 2 kids (7 & 4) sitting in the car for 5 hours 
>>> waiting for my car hauler to be brought up from CT.
>>> Oh yes,  before they went home they handed me a bill for $1050.  

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