[Diy_efi] High-voltage P&H IDM

David Allen davida1
Wed Mar 1 03:06:57 UTC 2006

  Has anyone made a stand-alone IDM that will take an injector pulse from a
saturated-driver ECM, and create a peak and hold waveform?  I was thinking
about making one that would operate high-impedance injectors (normally used
saturated) in a peak and hold configuration.  The peak voltage would be 30V
(or thereabout) and the holding duty cycle would be set to create the same
current flow as the injector at 12VDC. This should improve opening time and
result in a more linear low-pulsewidth map. I am thinking of this as a way
to use big injectors on a small turbo engine without idle issues.
  This would be fairly easy to do with a microcontroller and some power
electronics.  I figure this has been done before. The direct-injected
diesels use high voltage IDM's to get their injectors to work efficiently.
  Any thoughts?

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