[Diy_efi] Re: - ABS gotchas

Scott C airhawk
Mon Mar 6 17:11:05 UTC 2006

> One gotcha is sensitivity to rust.  One tiny bit of the stuff, perched 
> next to the dump solenoid, will give a soft pedal AFTER and ABS stop.  
> Since the effect is so far divorced from the cause, one may never know 
> the damage one did by simply squeezing nasty brake fluid back up
> through 
> the system when relining one's brakes.  When cars/trucks with this sort
> of difficulty come into my shop, it is a hard sell, trying to explain 
> the problem to the customer, unless they have a bit of hydraulic
> knowledge.
> TomV

Yes, I've heard of cases where an inexperienced mechanic would do a brake-
job on a customer's car, and the ABS unit immediately went out (unknown 
to all parties was the fact that the mechanic merely pushed the crappy 
fluid back up into the system with the caliper piston/wheel cylinder). 

I've even heard of cases where the shop replaced the ABS unit, then had 
an "off-the-shelf failure", because the mechanic did it *again*.

"We get a bad one every now and again - those rebuilders......  You 
paying with a check, or credit card?"


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