[Diy_efi] Re: Diy_efi Digest, Vol 13, Issue 1

Bill Washington bill.washington
Tue Mar 7 07:15:05 UTC 2006

	I agree with Torbj?rn's assertion in this respect - All the documentation
I have managed to find agrees with his assertion that LE2 never has Lambda,
however I must disagree on the basis of my experience here in Australia....
 From 1986 to 1992 all Peugeot 505GTIs and SL Injection models had LE2 Jetronic 
fitted and they all had Lambda fitted as standard from the factory (and ran on 
UNLEADED fuel with a CAT)....now I will not dispute that thay may be LU2s 
rebadged to LE2 ...... Bosch Code is 0 280 000 344 both on the ECU case and on 
the PCB.
When the Lambda sensor dies fuel consumption goes to pot - it runs rich -
When I bought the car in about 1994 the wires had been torn out of the Lambda 
sensor - replacing the Lambda improved economy significantly - The replacement 
Lambda died in 2001 after about 70,000km - and was replaced..... My LE2 Jetronic 
certainly has a Lambda sensor and uses it - I also have a monitor on it so I can 
see the ECU continually switching Rich-Lean when running in closed loop - and 
thinking about it anyway, with a CAT fitted running closed loop is mandatory.

	All the Peugeot documentation I have refers to the earlier model ECU Bosch Code 
0 280 000 319 which did not have Lambda or CAT, ran on LEADED fuel and was 
fitted to models prior to 1986.

Best Regards
> I would like to say that the LE systems NEVER have closed loop. When a 
> such system has closed loop, then it is called LU even if the car was 
> intended for the european market.
> Here in Sweden, catalyzers and closed loop lambda control became 
> mandatory from '89. However, '87 and '88 cars with catalyzer were 
> granted a sales tax rebate so many of those also have closed loop.

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