[Diy_efi] idle control 1227747

WopOnTour wopontour
Thu Mar 9 20:25:33 UTC 2006

I dunno could you maybe be in 10K ALDL mode? IIRC Assembly Line Diagnostic 
Mode commanded a 1000 RPM, fixed timing and resulted in the bypass of some 
of the run timers such as EGR.
It was commanded by placing 10K ohms between the diagnostic terminal 
(terminal B on the old 12-pin ALDL) You don't have anything tapped into or 
connected to terminal B or anywhere else in the self-diagnostic circuit do 

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> Hello: 1227747 355cu in SB Chevy. Trying to figure out how to get idle
> down to the idle speeds in the target idle vs coolant table. Currently
> ECM wants to keep the engine running approx 1100 RPM, with 80 IAC steps.
> Temp is at 171 deg F. TPS reading .51 volts at idle, but Idle speed will
> not come down to target idle table speeds?? Is there a switch that tells
> the ECM when to invoke the target idle table?? I think IAC steps vs
> Coolant is for Fast Idle when cold?/ Any help will be greatly appreciated
> Darryl..
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