[Diy_efi] idle control 1227747

Darryl M Gilbert dgilbert78
Fri Mar 10 03:06:59 UTC 2006

Hello: Ok guys this is the skinny. When driving the IAC pintle closed (A
to B ALDL jumpered) the IAC stepper makes a clicking noise. When i went
to remove the connector to perform base idle i noticed the clicking
stopped. Found that by applying slight pressure on the connector in
different directions could get the stepper motor to make different
clicking sounds indicating poor connections. Reseated several times, same
results. Pulled IAC and cleaned contacts in both IAC and the plug very
thoroughly. Now moving plug does not cause clicking sound to change and
also the clicking sound is much more muffled than before. Performed base
Idle procedure and everything came out like clock work. 600 RPM idle at
16 IAC counts, I'll live with that. I wonder how many others have poor
IAC connections ????
thanks for all the input

On Thu, 9 Mar 2006 12:56:31 -0800 (PST) Bret Levandowski
<skishop69 at yahoo.com> writes:
Very true. Some scan tools cause it to default to that mode. Forgot about
that. If he's using WINALDL though, he should't have that problem unless
there's something wrong with his cable.  Ski

WopOnTour <wopontour at hotmail.com> wrote: 
I dunno could you maybe be in 10K ALDL mode? IIRC Assembly Line
Mode commanded a 1000 RPM, fixed timing and resulted in the bypass of
of the run timers such as EGR.
It was commanded by placing 10K ohms between the diagnostic terminal 
(terminal B on the old 12-pin ALDL) You don't have anything tapped into
connected to terminal B or anywhere else in the self-diagnostic circuit

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> Hello: 1227747 355cu in SB Chevy. Trying to figure out how to get idle
> down to the idle speeds in the target idle vs coolant table. Currently
> ECM wants to keep the engine running approx 1100 RPM, with 80 IAC
> Temp is at 171 deg F. TPS reading .51 volts at idle, but Idle speed
> not come down to target idle table speeds?? Is there a switch that
> the ECM when to invoke the target idle table?? I think IAC steps vs
> Coolant is for Fast Idle when cold?/ Any help will be greatly
> Darryl..
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