[Diy_efi] list changes and appeal

Steve Ravet Steve.Ravet
Fri Mar 10 04:35:02 UTC 2006

I have configured the list to convert all incoming posts to plain text
before sending them out.  I think this will make the digests and
archives much easier to read and help with bandwidth.

I have requested that Mailman (the listserv software) be upgraded to the
latest version.  This has a neat feature:  attachments are stripped from
posts before they are sent out, but they are saved in the archives and a
link to the attachment can be put into the outgoing email.  This means
attachments can be sent freely (within reason) without hogging
bandwidth.  Currently there is a size limit of 40K on inbound posts
which prevents most attachments from going through.

I am reading up on and planning on installing a twiki.  If you don't
know, a twiki is a WWW page that anyone can edit using any browser.
Every page has an edit link at the bottom, anyone can click it and edit
existing pages or add new pages.  Now I don't have to have guilt because
I haven't updated the FAQ in years -- if the FAQ is out of date it will
be YOUR fault :-)  You can create pages about your projects, etc.

I have checked into adding a link to each post that takes you to that
same post in the archive.  This would allow you to refresh your memory
of what was said previously before replying.  I don't think Mailman
supports that but I have asked on the user support list so I'll find

I think that covers most of the suggestions I collected last month when
I asked about forums.  A large majority said they preferred the current
email setup so that won't change.

Finally, I wrote a check today to pay for web hosting through March
2007.  People who have joined in the last couple years don't remember
the last time I asked for money, that's because I haven't done it in a
couple years.  But, come March 2007, the kitty will be dry.  I was
pretty overwhelmed at the response when I asked for donations to bring
the lists back online after the big crash.

If you think you've gotten a few dollars worth of information or
entertainment from the list in the last few years, then I'd encourage
you to click on the "consider donating" link on the main WWW page
(www.diy-efi.org) and send a couple bucks in to keep it running.  It
doesn't take a lot, the internet is cheap.  If every member (over 1200
for diy_efi and gmecm) sent 50 cents that would pay for another 2 years
of hosting.


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