[Diy_efi] OT-Need help with alternator pinout

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The Standard hook up for an indicator light is "L" term only in series with a 12 volt lamp switched on/off with ignition switch. The "S" terminal is for remote voltage Sensing it can be left open at the connector or tied to the Batt terminal, or somewhere in the harness to overcome
voltage drop of the wires. Be careful with the Sense lead if you get a poor high resistance connection the Alt output could soar to 17 volts. The I/F terminal powers the regulator and used by itself to the Batt. terminal for a 1 wire setup . The "P" terminal is off the Stator and is  AC voltage used as Tachometer signal. So for your setup Get another connector  with (S) (I/F) (L)  Connect the (S) to Batt. Term (I/F) to ignition switch (Run) (L) in series with 12 volt small lamp to ignition switch (Run)        

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Hi all,

Sorry to be of topic, but I'm hoping someone can help. I have what I
think is a newer Delco alternator (internal fan) which I want to fit to
my car. Unit has a 4pin weatherproof plug with labels S-IF-L-P, when I
got the unit S and IF were wired directly to Bat terminal and no other

Can someone tell me which wire would do the ignition light, I thought
IF, but connecting it makes no difference.

Anyway much appreciated, please respond directly if possible as I'm not
sure my list digest mode is working since I haven't seen anything for a
few days now.


Dan   dzorde at erggroup.com

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