[Diy_efi] Torque converter clutch on 1226869

David Allen davida1
Sat Mar 25 02:19:39 UTC 2006

  I'm playing with my 6869-controlled turbo car, and trying to get the ECM
to control the torque converter clutch.  It seems there are no numbers I can
put in the calibration which will actuate the TCC output.
  I have a test light on the TCC ouptut at the ECM to emiminate any other
external factors.  Some things I have verified:

Scan data shows the trans in "Drive"
Scan data shows coolant is hot.
Scan data indicates vehicle speed; and is reasonably correct.
Scan data indicates TPS is working; and is reasonably accurate.
No DTC's present.
"Automatic Transmission" is selected in the ECM calibration.
Test light does work when manually grouned.

I have tried putting very "loose" boundaries in the ECM to make it lock up
most of the time but can't get it to illuminate the light.  No combination
of road speed and throttle position will make it actuate. The schematic does
not indicate any high gear switch on this ECM. What can I be overlooking?
Thanks in advance,

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