[Diy_efi] Swaping 1225550 crossfire with 1227747 (correction)

Chuck Kahler c.kahler
Sat Mar 25 03:27:08 UTC 2006


I searched all around the autozone site and could not find the 1225550 ECM
pinouts. Would appreciate if you could send the URL.

The wire harness came out of a car in the junkyard and it could have been a
standard shift car. I did have my car with the crossfire in it running on a
1225550 ECM and the 700R4 tranny seems to work properly.

Thanks, Chuck

Chuck, you can go to the autozone WWW page and look up the pinout of the
550 ECM.  That should answer your W23 and W6 question.  As to why
there's no W22, is it manual transmission?

You can find 747 pinouts there also, or there is a scan on the gmecm
page (diy-efi.org, click gmecm, click ECM info, click 1227747, scroll
down for service manual pages.  B7 is ESC, which is knock detect.  To
use this you'll need a knock sensor appropriate for your engine, and an
ESC module for your engine.  Both of these match the engine and should
be easy to find at the junkyard.

B10 is park/neutral input.  You can read all about this input in the
archives.  It can affect idle and stall saver, and probably other things
too.  Also should be simple to find a switch in the junkyard so you can
provide this input.

I think crossfire -> 747 is pretty common, you should probably ask on
the gmecm list.  And I know there are crossfire specific forums on the
internet, have you looked for them?


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