[Diy_efi] Good insulation tubing recommendation

Mike niche
Sun Apr 1 12:00:27 UTC 2007

At 10:05 PM 3/30/07, you wrote:
>To insulate wiring and small hoses in hot areas I've been making good use of the stuff used to double-insulate spark plug wires, fiberglass sleeving in silicon rubber.  Most autoparts stores are beginning to  handle the stuff now, not expensive. A friend who runs a car at Bonneville turned me on to it.  Diesel injector and turbo rebuild shops also handle it, or something similar.

Interesting, thanks one more item on the list to check when I go 
trvalling amoungst various suppliers - should see the look on anguish on
those in the queue behind me when I ask technical questions, or I might add
(and this is a worrying trend) questions just a little out of the ordinary.
its as if the general technical skill level of most people going to suppliers
has dropped or not advanced as much as I would have assumed <sigh>



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