[Diy_efi] RE: 60-2 Toothwheel - Kalman Filter or ( EKF )

James Holland j_holland
Fri Apr 6 16:54:45 UTC 2007

> >I only have a Camshaft Position Sensor giving 2 pulses per revolution
> (TBI).
> >It sounds like this could be a very good implementation for me. However
> if
> >I'm accelerating wouldn't this be reflected in the MAP value and
> therefore
> >any ignition retardation would be at least partly accounted for within
> the
> >timing look up table anyway?
> <cough> 2 ppr  !

Well that's the stock set up, Suzuki Vitara 1.6 8V with TBI. The distributor
has a hall effect sensor with four cut outs on the vane. The 16V engine had
the same distributor set up but with a Crank Sensor(1ppr) to enable the
injection to be synchronized.

> Er no,
Well its not a performance engine, however your current debate raised a few
interesting points and got me wondering whether there was any noticeable
improvement that could be effected. 

> Do you have a ring gear, can you rig up a hall effect on it ?

Later Zuks have a distributorless set up with a different sensor
arrangement, I may be able to adapt that.

> What does your ignition now, why not just finesse that side ?

Well on the Vit is currently the stock DSM ECU.
I also have an earlier Zuk with an 8V carb engine, that's pretty much
electronic points - VR sensor and Schmitt trigger, advance is
mechanical/vacuum. I intend to experiment a bit with that engine. The
ignition I'm intending to use will use the 2 ppr distributor from the Vit. I
have a 16 x 16 look up table and use linear interpolation. That should get
me started, of course I did just pick up 4 COP units very cheaply :-)


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