[Diy_efi] 60-2 Toothwheel - Kalman Filter or ( EKF ) usage

Bruce A Bowling bbowling
Sat Apr 7 11:17:17 UTC 2007

><hrrrrm> I cant see from your psuedo code above if you do retain much cycle to cycle, can you clarify ?

Absolutely. You want cycle-to-cycle? Just set alpha to 1, beta and gamma to zero. Result is last-interval predition. Remember your "M" is the subtraction of the two tooth arrival times (errt). To see, assume a steady state (no angular accelerations), then errt will be the same value each and every time a new tooth comes in, this is added to the running sum (dts). If there is acceleration then the arrival time of the next tooth will be shorter, hence errt will be a smaller number, and the running sum will be updated with a smaller number.

- Bruce

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