[Bulk] Re: [Diy_efi] Modular approach to EFI controllers

ian spyro
Tue Oct 2 08:51:24 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-10-02 at 16:42 +0800, Mike wrote:
> Neato, is that from a parallel load on an 8 bit bus or some serial
> spi, i2c etc ? 

Most likely both - I2C or SPI wont really be very sensible for ion sense
data, but it'll be sueful for making simple (say, pic based) ECUs /
debugging on a laptop.

For high speed access it'll be memory mapped. its got a 16 bit address
space (not all used) and data bus width would be as wide as possible
given CPLD/FPGA/board/ARM pinout / routing requirements.

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