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Outstanding job ! Thanks for sending the pictures. You mention it is a 255 cube so it must have a 4 inch stroke Mercury crank to get those cubes. Some hot rodder has gone through the engine it sounds like. Flat heads don't take a lot of timing. you are not gonna get big Horse Power numbers with an unblown flathead, 250 HP would be a lot. Most hot rodded flatties run 2 150 CFM Carb's
a 4.3 TBI can easily flow more than that. Keep us Posted, this is a great project. 


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  I'm working on a project with a friend, converting a 1940's Ford 255CID 
flathead V8 from carb and points to a TBI/ 1227747 setup.  The electronics 
hardware side is done.  The engine has an afermarket distributor with a 
conventional VR pickup coil.  This is connected to a standard HEI module 
that is firing an MSD box. In the pictures the advance weights are still 
present, but they have been removed and the advance bolted so the ECM can 
control the timing.
  Here's where I want you guys' thoughts.  The intake manifold has a huge 
plenum, look at pictures linked at bottom. We're using a 4.3V6 throttle body 
and injectors.  Do you think the injectors flow enough for accel enrich to 
keep from bogging when you open it?  It is a very mismatched setup on the 
engine/ cam/ manifold but this is what we have to work with.
  We'll be using Cats RT Tuner and a wideband to adjust the VE tables.  This 
has been a fun project so far, but the real fun will be making it run 
correctly. It will be an open-loop calibration, tuned for drivability first, 
power second.  Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance,

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