[Diy_efi] Here's a little micro to build on...

Mike niche
Tue Sep 4 16:51:09 UTC 2007

At 12:31 AM 9/5/07, you wrote:
>---- Daniel Nicoson <A6intruder at myo-p.com> wrote: 
>> Do you think there are enough A/D channels?
>Dang, 37 channels of A/D!!
>Might not be enough... ;)

mmm, I'm wondering...

for a V8:-

8 channels of ion sensing feedback
8 AFM/MAP sensors, one per port
8 Detonation sensors, one per cylinder
8 local high speed EGT sensors, one per port

Then we have:-

1 x Vbatt
1 x Engine Coolant temp
2 x O2 sensor feedback, one per side
1 x Torque sensor on engine mounts

Think that covers it for a broad brush efi/acquisition system, of course the
ion sensing and detonation would have some duplication/overlap but hey we dont
want our 20,000 rpm F1 engine to miss even one firing...!

But hey a V12 would need a pair of the beasts ;-)


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