[Diy_efi] Here's a little micro to build on...

Gregg Eshelman g_alan_e
Wed Sep 5 07:49:53 UTC 2007

--- Torbj?rn Forsman <torbjorn.forsman at gengas.nu>

> But a 272-pin BGA is not so easy for a DIY project,
> using a such package 
> means that the PCBs have to be assembled and
> soldered on a proper 
> production line. I am somewhat reluctant to using
> BGAs for automotive, 
> military and other demanding applications as the
> package and solder 
> balls are entirely stiff. There is nothing like the
> soft bent pins of a 
> QFP or PLCC that can relieve thermal stresses etc.

There are sockets for BGA chips but I expect they're
plenty expensive, and probably are themselves surface

Then there's Intel's Pentium 4 line that use the
LGA775 socket. Leadless Grid Array. It has 775 little
springy spikes poking up to contact pads on the bottom
of the CPU. The chip's held down by a steel clamp ring
and locking lever. (Remember the LCC style 80286?
Everything old is new again!)

I've heard of people doing SMT soldering in a toaster
oven- suitably upgraded with a pyrometer controlling a
switch in the line cord. Set the pyrometer and turn
the oven up to max. ;) That takes the oven's
thermostat out of the control loop. Turn the board
upside down for an SMT desoldering unit, just be sure
to supply a tray to catch the parts!

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