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Water injection on a gasoline engine is mainly there for knock
supression. A diesel operates on "knock". It lives by compression
ignition, which in a spark ignited engine is the reason for knock. The
only reason I can think of for using port WI on a diesel is for slight
NOx reduction. In a diesel with port WI this results in an increase in
CO and HC emissions and a slight increase in fuel consumption from all
the research papers I read.

- Klaus

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Hi guys.

Im considering adding water injection to my little 1.0 turbo diesel

has anyone done something similar and has advice?

Im intending to use a washer pump and agricultural (metal) spray nozzle,
with a PWM controller that increases the pump duty cycle based on boost
pressure in the plenum. I was intending to spray directly into the
plenum, so as not to have water interfering with the turbo.

thoughts ?

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