[Diy_efi] water injection

David Allen davida1
Thu Sep 6 11:30:24 UTC 2007

One I've seen uses a Vickers Vane hydraulic pump, which was the original 
steering pump on the engine.  The man I talked to mixes his water with 
soluble oil (as used for machinist's tool cooling) to protect the pump; and 
injects at over 1000 PSI through nozzles like used on a pressure-washer. 
Injection is per-cylinder at the intake ports,  plus one nozzle just after 
the last turbo at the inlet of the intake manifold. There is a lot of water, 
but I'm not sure the exact volume.

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> <Some pulling tractors use water injection and multiple turbos at 250PSI>
> So, this is interesting! What kind of pressure pump and nozzles are used 
> to overcome the 250PSI of the boost? It takes a healthy pump to overcome 
> the 15 to 20 #'s in a typical turbo gas system, I would think a small pump 
> from a low power pressure sprayer might work!
> -rick
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