[Diy_efi] [slightly ot] Differential Pressure Measurement gauge, alternatives ?

Mike niche
Fri Sep 7 16:04:44 UTC 2007

try www.silabs.com

although they make a USB based CPU development stick, I'm sure it has
A/D inputs and comes with driver, I understand its also in source for linux,
though I am not (yet) a linux man,

ie. its cheap, has drivers and even if oyu dont use it for development you can
access a/d inputs, 

For something a bit more expensive, RS components in Aust have one as do
many other black box type module suppliers, is there a "Black Box"
electronic supplier in USA ?



At 11:44 PM 9/7/07, you wrote:

>Anyone here know of a CHEAP and _LINUX COMPATIBLE_ USB datalogger with
>at least 2 channels of A-D ?
>8 bit is fine, samplerate not important, anything in the kHz range is
>overkill. robust inputs would be nice.
>looking for off the shelf, dont have time to build my own.
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