[Diy_efi] USB oscilloscopes (a bit OT)

Jay Rabe jayrabe
Sat Sep 8 20:59:48 UTC 2007

I've been looking at usb oscilloscopes & usb pulse generators recently.
There are lots of them and their prices vary a lot along with their
options.  I was wondering if anyone on here had any first hand experiences
or recommendations with any of these. Im looking to get both of them for my
shop mainly for standalone installs/troubleshooting.
  One issue im running into is they can only handle 5 or 10 volts.  I could
use a x10 probe, but would rather not have to.
The pulse generator would have to be able to output 2 channels (crank pulse
and sync pulse) and must be able to do create missing tooth signals.
  I've been looking at www.usbee.com devices.  Problem is it only has 1
analog channel (it has 2 but you can only view 1 at a time...)  It can
output just about any digital signal you can draw up but in square wave and
under 5 v.  Its sorta along the lines of what im looking for but isnt

thoughts? recommendations?

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