[Diy_efi] The so called "Noid" lights ?

Mike niche
Sun Sep 9 11:15:43 UTC 2007

Hi chaps,

Nice to see some activity here re logging, a subject in itself, I have idea for small cheapie
logger and finally pinned down an enclosure/connector combo, but its not USB, just serial
but would work for the most part with the cheapie usb to serial adaptors...

Anyway, i digress...

I'm on http://www.calaisturbo.com.au  from time to time as "Niche" - funny that...!

And some people use "Noid" lights to test they have drive to the injectors, which is (as far
as I understand) just a LED light in a moulding which is pluggable inline with the loom
to the injector at the actual injector. So you can see it blink when cranking etc...

I'm interested to know if anyone has a "noid" like type tester or item which does any more
than just light up an LED when the driver wants to turn on the injector ?

Regards from

Perth, Western Australia
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