[Diy_efi] Re: [jyturbo] No drag racing tomorrow - tubo shot - baghhhh!

ian spyro
Wed Sep 12 11:55:06 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-09-11 at 21:43 -0500, David Allen wrote:
> Damn that sucks.  I really hate to hear that!!!!!

I'll add my tale of turbo failure woe...

Mine died simply of old age, the oil seal on the intake side failed.

thing is though, I run a diesel. I got to find out just how tough the
little 1.0 motors bottom end was...

After spotting the blueness following me at ~70MPH down the motorway (in
the innermost lane no less, it rapidly turned into a blackness (like, 2
seconds) that covered all three lanes so densly that I couldnt see
anything in the mirrors.

Pulled over (praying nothing was dumb enough to undertake) and doing so
put my foot on the clutch (as one does when changing down etc.)

__BIG__ mistake.

remember, its a diesel... no load + infinte supply of nicely splattered
(by the turbo compressor) oil in the intake = RPM skyrocket.

it pegged the rev counter (which, incidentally no loger works and todays
project is to bodge in an incompatible module from another motor).

Redline for this engine *new* is 5k RPM (but realistically, this motor
runs into oil starvation much beyond 4200RPM and its powerband really
doenst go past 3800 RPM anyway).

pegging the revcounter put the RPM over 8k... for about 20 seconds
before I got the wherewithall to stall the thing.

Im *stunned* that it didnt seize.

that was almost two years ago, and other than changing the oil, the
filter, and replacing the turbo (and glowplugs, which were totally burnt
away by the preignition), I've done _nothing_ to the bottom end or
pistons. the bores were smooth and it turned freely.

Anyhow, if my 20 year old, 1 litre diesel can take that on the chin, Im
sure a more modern petrol can handle it :)

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