[Diy_efi] Re: [jyturbo] No drag racing tomorrow - tubo shot -baghhhh!

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Wed Sep 12 17:45:30 UTC 2007

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niche at iinet.net.au writes:

haha,  yeah I heard something similar, guys in Malaysia started up an old 
marine  diesel and it
sort of ran ok for several  minutes, then slowed down,  almost stalled, then 
sped up, started to go
a bit too fast so they cut the  fuel, it slowed down, then sped up again, 
they look at each other
while  checking the fuel valve, then panicked and stuffed a Kopec bag in the 
air  inlet, it swallowed
the bag spat it out the exhaust, slowed down then sped  up again, they were 
starting to freak out,
how the f..k could this be and  one guy finally dropped his pants and sat on 
the air inlet  !

Yeah, but what did it do to his private parts?
Scotty from Hollyweird

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