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assuming  they were malaysian nothing happened to their  private


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>haha,  yeah I heard something similar, guys in  Malaysia started up an old 
>marine  diesel and it
>sort of  ran ok for several  minutes, then slowed down,  almost stalled, 
>sped up, started to go
>a bit too fast so they cut the   fuel, it slowed down, then sped up again, 
>they look at each  other
>while  checking the fuel valve, then panicked and stuffed a  Kopec bag in 
>air  inlet, it swallowed
>the bag spat it  out the exhaust, slowed down then sped  up again, they were 
>starting to freak out,
>how the f..k could this be and  one  guy finally dropped his pants and sat 
>the air inlet   !
>Yeah, but what did it do to his private  parts?
>Scotty from  Hollyweird

Are you implying that because he was Malaysian, he didn't have any private  
Scotty from Hollyweird

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