[Diy_efi] water injection

ian spyro
Fri Sep 28 19:22:19 UTC 2007

> You have now.  :)  Light detonation isn't even audible, and can go on 
> indefinitely at that level without harming the engine.

I suppose you guys might like to hear the details of my little project

the water injection is a first step.

Im looking for a second engine and that one is getting 'the works'.

The CL-61 is a 3 pot 1.0 turbo diesel. It makes 56HP stock, and has a
powerband from about 2500-3700 RPM. peak power is at 4800RPM but unless
you've got a really nice new one I wouldnt recommend pushing it that
hard (my last one died of oil starvation at 99.8MPH doing ~4800
RPM :-) )

The idea is...

source another engine

tear it apart. clean _everything_.

get the block lined (its not lined by default) with nice, 21st century
high grade liners.

forged pistons, rods.
custom crank w/ knife edges.
increase oil pressure to 85PSI from stock of 60
o-ring block and head, use copper head gasket
fit turbocharger from 1.0 VW lupo diesel
increase boost
custom headers and exhaust, tuned for 32-3700 RPM
lightened flywheel
replace injector pump with electronically controlled IP. (this allows
control over advance, and fuel quantity and pressure)
water injection (my current project)
alternator control unit (dont suck power away when accelerating)

Some stuff Im not sure about though:

high lift cam (unsure how this will affect the engine, its a huge

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