[Diy_efi] water injection

Buck Williams buckwill33
Fri Sep 28 21:26:41 UTC 2007

diesellsss doant jsut make more poweeer when all the avaalaiable air is used,,,it makes more ower when any moere fuel is injectedd,, if there isa enough available air,,, enoaugh evailable oxygaen to burn the extra fuel, thats why the urbo is used, add more air for the extra fuel,,, jsut adding turbo doesnat guarantee more power,ass with gasoaaline engiens,,,, fuell,,,,, air,,, compression ,, ignition and exhauset,,, enaough, in the riaght poroportion,,, and everythaing just at the right time makes power buck

zx zx zx zx zx zx zx zx zx zx> > A diesel will only make more power under boost when all of the> > available incoming air is used in combustion, i.e. at a very high> > power level. In a street-driven vehicle, I would expect more power to> > be forthcoming from a diesel only when the pedal is mashed to the> > floor, and possibly not even that depending on road speed and gear> > selection.> >

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