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> diesellsss doant jsut make more poweeer when all the avaalaiable air 
> is used,,,it makes more ower when any moere fuel is injectedd,, if 
> there isa enough available air,,, enoaugh evailable oxygaen to burn 
> the extra fuel, thats why the urbo is used, add more air for the 
> extra fuel,,,

That's another way of saying what I said.  :)  I left out the "extra 
fuel" bit as implied, and of course it is always harder to get more 
oxygen into the combustion chamber than fuel.  Our point is the same; 
that you have a limited amount of power based on oxygen content (and 
of course adding enough fuel to make good use of the oxygen); a turbo 
gives you more air, so if you then provide more fuel, you make more 
power.  With a naturally aspirated diesel, adding more fuel will cause 
power to FALL when under 100% load.

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