[Diy_efi] water injection

Buck Williams buckwill33
Sat Sep 29 01:08:19 UTC 2007

yes it can helppp , the rulessss areant hard and fast,, if your engine is capable of makiang more power but your up against ,, the temp limit,,, 1250,1300 and u keep making boostt, you will sortly get to sbe able to see the inside of your engine,somethning all these engines are allergic to, is sunshine,,, let it in, show the internals some sonshine and patooiee,,,,, itsll spsit some of it,, engine parts out where u can look at them,thats why water injectiaon is used, if your pushing powerr,, use a proportionate ammaout of waater to keep the exhaust temps beloww the majic limit, and just maybe u can keeapt feetidning it fuel and air and push it some more,if the engineee has sthe mechanical strangth to coantain the horse beiang made, jsut maybe it wont shsow so much of its ddleeicate internal stuff to the nasy ole shsunshsine,, all thisngs in proportian, not too much air,,,,, not too macuh sfuel,, not too much water,,, look aaroaund,, ask the people whos dioing it,, ask um,,, andangit,,, harold kieernan at mcclure equipmeant in bakersfield calif,,, he and his partnerss are posting a vw pickup to salt flats, industrail diesel engine, 2000 2200 i thaink in rabbit pickup at sloome ungodly speed, i know the basics of how to do it,,, but im more moderateeee builderr, i driveee somsetimess wiwth my littel 250 260 o horse 5.9 and wathc them guys with money run 750, 800 horse multi whoop di do 5,9 with propane,,,, nitroaus poslished, super high coampressiaon gas capped 8 , 10 inches boom tubed,,,,, then i drive home,,,,doesnt mean i dont know hwo they do it,, means i choose not to do it tooo mine,im not knowkding thnose who want more power,, or more fun doing it,,,,,my data plaate says im got 215 horse,,,,, but the dyno siayswith the minor changesss ive done, im making about 255,60, i have the fuel plate for 285, , its still lp htenre onmy shelf, im having too much fun with the 260 i have,again im not knowcking those who are seachaing for more,,, but its like when i came back fraomm biet nam, i quit hunting, now some hve poked fun or gottten angry at me sfor stating this and the usual come back is do i eat hamburger ro protk chops,,, of coaurse ido,, i just dont hunt,, i like the taste of the meant,, i just choose not to climb into a pen full of bulls witha ball peen hammer and try to get my own,, since my straoke imnot sure i make senseeee andy moree,,, hope i didnt get tooo far sastray,, buck, oh i am sometimes interested in pushing some limitss to learn,,,,,, i jsut dont want to push so many limits to learn sometnhng that i thaink i already in my gut a i already know the answer tooo,,,i apologize now if i have been perhaps misunderstood, didnt mean too,,,,or offfended anyoane, buck

> Subject: RE: [Diy_efi] water injection> From: spyro at f2s.com> To: diy_efi at diy-efi.org> Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 01:10:48 +0100> > On Fri, 2007-09-28 at 16:55 -0700, Klaus Allmendinger wrote:> > Which brings back the original question: Does WI help on a diesel?> > I did some more research on that and also talked to some buddies at> > diesel injection development at Bosch (after all, these guys should> > know> > :) ). All sources agree, WI on a small diesel, especially if its> > introduced in the intake, LOWERS output power> > you _did_ mention that its a turbo diesel though?> > cooler air = more density = more air in the cylinders> > more air + more fuel = more bang> > _______________________________________________> Diy_efi mailing list> Diy_efi at diy-efi.org> Subscribe: http://lists.diy-efi.org/mailman/listinfo/diy_efi> Main WWW page: http://www.diy-efi.org/diy_efi

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