[Diy_efi] [off topic] performance meter app

Ben P benof1987
Mon Nov 7 17:58:22 UTC 2011

I'm considering writing a performance meter app for my android phone. It's about getting the features I want and proving I can more than anything else. So these are the features I want to implement :

Vector based (no need for specific phone orientation, just constant throughout run)

Graph output with selectable axis (i.e. Speed or time for y axis)

Save/export function

Additional calculations based on accelerometer data and user inputs (dyno plot, maximum possible g-circle, etc)

"live" g-circle display

User selectable time splits on both previously recorded and about to be recorded acceleration runs

Is there anything else you would like to see?

I don't intend to charge for distribution of this app if I do get it finished, although a donate version (possibly with skins or somethingelse)
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