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What's FOSS?

And I just thought of another advanced feature I could implement waaay down the track. Most android phones appear to have in built compasses. With a direction input you can also have a yaw sensor and with enough calculation, filtering, and the like, a track map can be drawn. I know this from using motec software. Although that is beyond what I currently desire...

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Ben, I'd like to see the source code on github.com! And licensed appropriately. If you want to charge for it, why the hell not! You could dual license and do just that perfectly legally. GPL for public use, do whatever you want if you own the copyright. Just write it 100% yourself to achieve that. Or use MIT (though that allows others to sell it too) or get copyright assignment from contributors. My 2c. My wife has a droid and I'll test it for you if it's FOSS, but not if it's not.


2011/11/7 Ben P <benof1987 at hotmail.com>

I'm considering writing a performance meter app for my android phone. It's about getting the features I want and proving I can more than anything else. So these are the features I want to implement :

Vector based (no need for specific phone orientation, just constant throughout run)

Graph output with selectable axis (i.e. Speed or time for y axis)

Save/export function

Additional calculations based on accelerometer data and user inputs (dyno plot, maximum possible g-circle, etc)

"live" g-circle display

User selectable time splits on both previously recorded and about to be recorded acceleration runs

Is there anything else you would like to see?

I don't intend to charge for distribution of this app if I do get it finished, although a donate version (possibly with skins or somethingelse)



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