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Ben P benof1987
Wed Nov 9 01:09:39 UTC 2011

It's also feasable to have an advanced shift light function. Making the screen flash at appropriate user defined speeds could be useful as high powered cars will show wheel spin on the speedo. I had one car that could stay on the rev limiter through second gear, changing accurately to third was difficult at best..

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I really don't think knowing cd is important. Although cda can be (almost) directly measured with a couple of user inputs and I can output a graph of hp required to cruise vs speed (which is what you implied, no?)...

As for a tacho function, it would be easier to input gear ratios manually and teach the program to recognise shifts than to use any kind of audio feedback, unless you had an unfiltered alternator noise being played back loudly through an am radio. (we all know that happens on older cars...)

Thanks for all this feedback, I never realised just how much real useful data can be extracted just from an accelerometer and a mass input... This tool will quickly become the ultimate performance tool. I haven't seen some of these features on any previous app...

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Tach input on the microphone + gear ratios manually input.  This could be used for back up calculation of HP/Torque.  


2011/11/8 Carter Shore <clshore at yahoo.com>

Since you are already capturing the data, and have a platform capapable of doing the calculations:

Capture coast-down, and calculate the HP vs speed.
Then calculate the aero Cd by subtracting out the extrapolations of mechanical drag.
For 'dyno' feature, allow user to enter correction data like air temp, baro, relative humidity, etc.
Could the camera phone take a high contrast frontal pic of the car, then do an estimate of the frontal area based on user input of measurements of some distinct linear dimension (ground to bottom of the door handle, etc.).


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Keep us posted!  That looks great. 


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I'm considering writing a performance meter app for my android phone. It's about getting the features I want and proving I can more than anything else. So these are the features I want to implement :

Vector based (no need for specific phone orientation, just constant throughout run)

Graph output with selectable axis (i.e. Speed or time for y axis)

Save/export function

Additional calculations based on accelerometer data and user inputs (dyno plot, maximum possible g-circle, etc)

"live" g-circle display

User selectable time splits on both previously recorded and about to be recorded acceleration runs

Is there anything else you would like to see?

I don't intend to charge for distribution of this app if I do get it finished, although a donate version (possibly with skins or somethingelse)

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