[Diy_efi] Connector sockets

Scott Peitzsch jlg-sep
Wed Feb 22 00:55:16 UTC 2012

Hi Bill,

    Those are MicroPack 100 terminals, and the two most common terminal
p/n's of that flavor are Packard/Delphi 12146447 (0.35-0.50mm^2) and
12146448 (0.80-1.0mm^2).  I keep both in stock for building/rebuilding
the same generation harness you're repairing.

Used to be they were a pain to find in bulk, now lots of places carry them.
I get almost all of my Delphi stuff from Mouser these days:



Both are in stock.

Good luck!


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> Hi all,
> Seems the list has gone dormant again.  Let's shake it up a bit.
>  I've got a problem with the 1227749 in my Porsche.  Some of the
> connector sockets at the ECU connector have gone intermittent making the
> car run like garbage.   I'd like to cut them all off and replace them
> with new crimp-ons.
> Does anybody know where to get new crimp-on sockets for the '749
> connector?  These were the same for many years of GM cars in the mid '80s.
> http://p-928.home.comcast.net/socket.jpg
> tia,
> Bill
> '84 Porsche 928s Vortech/749/$59

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