[Diy_efi] AUJP Prom

Ashley Wagner a.wagner2
Wed Feb 29 17:29:38 UTC 2012

You will need a copy of CATS or TunerPro software to change the  
values or burn a new PROM, an intronics or moates chipburner and  
emulator and   datalogging software.  I think TunerPro has the  
funcionality for datalogging the TPI systems. WIN ALDL is good for  
TBI systems. Look into these to see which system works for you. I use  
WIN ALDL when datalogging TBI and CATS to change the values in the  
PROM for TBI systems.  You may need a wideband O2 sensor setup to get  
worthwhile O2 data Innovate is the system I use.

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