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Thu May 30 05:48:45 GMT 2013

that the best control strategy is NOT to try and do real time F/B 
control in the traditional way.  It may work in steady state 
(constant load) where you can assume that the system is linear but 
any transients (accel, decel) will be hard to control and probably 
require seperate control.

I believe that the best approach would be to have a traditional 2D 
load-speed map (like open loop control) and use something like an 
adaptive least mean squares algorithm to tweak the points in the map.
The adaption algorithm would use a simple dynamic model of the engine 
(such as the one you included) as a reference model for the adaption 

This adaption process can tollerate quite noisy sensors, with 
the noise only slowing the convergence to the optimal control 

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