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Thu May 30 05:48:45 GMT 2013

>> well restricted in its range of uses. I'll be using leaded fuel, so that
>> rules that out. What about in an alky engine. Is an O2 sensor any use ?
>Since you are using leaded fuel, is it safe to assume this is a racecar?

Some uncivilised parts of the world still use leaded exclusively. Like
here where I am. Is it impossible to measure the mixture when using
leaded, or do you just need different sensors?

>You don't need an FI system to have a thermocouple in each exhaust
>port...  they provide nice info on cylinder balance, and can quickly
>point out problems.  UEGO's are also realllly nice, but they're kinda

Where would one find a thermocouple to fit in the exhaust? And of how
much use are they?

OK almost finished. Final item: what I currently plan to build to use
as an EFI controller.

My requirements are that I can use the system at home to play with, as
well as in the car. This means that I have some widely separate requirements,
such as an IDE interface and possibly VGA, at least Hercules display, and
a PC keyboard port. And DRAM. On the other hand I want battery backed up
RAM (Not Dallas, frightfully expensive over here) and EEPROM. Flash
support would be nice. Lots of timers, for both systems. 2 serial ports,
RS232 or RS422 selectable. Lots of static ram for a "flight recorder".

So I've been planning something similar to what John has been doing, but
with more ram, timers etc. This board would have two ports, one for
additional ram & stuff when the thing is working as a computer, and an
IO port for attaching all the A/D converters etc.

The motherboard would be the expensive one, so I would hope to get it
right the first time. I plan to integrate my existing design with
the one by cyliax and John's one.

PS .za, for those who are wondering, is South Africa. Nice place. Come
visit sometime.

Wouter de Waal
Development Engineer
CCII Systems
South Africa

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