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Thu May 30 05:48:45 GMT 2013

>   So, since this is a EPA (read: goverenment sponsered) protocol, does 
>that mean that we'll be able to get the specs on it?
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Sort of.  The electrical specifications will be public, which means you can 
reconstruct the bytes off the wire.  The EPA specifies a common data packet 
for emissions related information, so you'll be able to figure out what 
some of the packets on the wire mean.  But the really neat stuff, like 
downloading new operating parameters, and other stuff, can (and probably 
will be) proprietary. Non-emissions related info (from the instrument 
cluster, ABS computer, body computer, etc.) is not specified by the EPA and 
will probably be proprietary.

I got this info from an engineer at GM a few days ago, he had no opinion on 
how much info GM was likely to give out.


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