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Jonathan R. Lusky lusky at
Fri Jul 1 20:36:17 GMT 1994

> From: Steve=Ravet%Prj=Eng%PCPD=Hou at
> Subject: re: basic fuel metering equations
> [article about injection equations deleted]
> instead of calculating mass airflow from rpm, shouldn't an airflow sensor
> be used?
> --steve

Thats a classic debate.  Mass-air based systems are generally easier to
tune than speed-density system.  However, a mass airflow sensor is a
restriction in the intake path.  Traditionally, mass airflow sensor have
also been quite expensive.  The aftermarket scene for 5l mustang has
changed that for some sizes of MAF sensors, though.  Still, the MAF
needs to be roughly sized to the airflow requirements of the engine.

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