Another Introduction - EFI Design

ST3XD at Jetson.UH.EDU ST3XD at Jetson.UH.EDU
Thu May 5 05:18:31 GMT 1994

Well- Its great that a mailing list just for EFI ECU/M design
is here.

I'm a Computer Science student at UH now. But I'll be at UT in Austin
next year.  I've been real interested ECU/M operation and modification
ever since I bought a Chevy in January.  I am somewhat familiar with
the GNC3 in the Grand Nationals and Turbo Trans-Ams.  Right now I'm
working on 5.7L TBI modification.

As far as electronics, I am pretty handy with 8048s.

Hope this mailing list takes off!

Jeff Fisher
st3xd at

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