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Jeffrey S Armfield armfield at
Thu May 5 16:06:16 GMT 1994

An introduction, huh? After moving around NC,SC,TN, and IN, I'm finally
settled in at Oak Ridge National Lab where I work as a development engineer
in the Advanced Propulsion Technology Center. I'm an ME by trade. My
graduate work at Purdue focused on misfire detection in spark ignition
engines. My last job (prior to my wife's transfer to TN) was with Cummins
Engine. I worked on the control algorithms and control systems for Cummins'
new line of natural gas engines.

Control algorithms are no problem. I need to know more about real time
operating systems and some of the more esoteric hardware stuff.

I have two projects that I'm pseudo-working on at the moment. One is an
EFI system retrofit for my '72 Skylark. The second project is a single
cylinder EFI setup for the 250cc engine in a friend's sprint car.

Glad to see this list is getting going. Looking forward to a lot of good

Jeff Armfield

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